Ninety Eight


Knit: Primark. Dress: Matalan. Boots: New Look. Belt & Bangles: Primark. Tights: Topshop

Yes. It's the knit again. I cannot find myself taking it off lately! It's so nice and easy to throw on over anything!  And today I decided to add it up with this old chesnut of a dress. I dug it out of the wardrobe.. because I keep wearing the same thing over and over again! Anyway, we just popped to the shops today, to get a present for my mama and papa! I managed to resist buying myself anything! So a little sad. I'm already counting down the days till payday! I have muchos on my list of things I want.
Extremely tired today too, which is perculiar considering I had 13 hours sleep! Although I was dreaming of Mr Ed Westwick for majority of my evening.. and then was devasated when I woke up and he wasn't in my bed!
I am totally excited that today the BFF is coming home from her epic travels! And cannot wait for her to come visit me next weekend. I am literally like a child at christmas time! I don't know how she managed to cope for the 4 years whilst I was away.. because I sure as hell have found it hard for the 4 months that she's been gone! 
Now I must keep this short, because a few friends have come over for dinner tonight.. A lovely way to end our week off! Hello carbonara. Let's see how this goes down...


  1. This is such a pretty little outfit :) I especially like all the colours and of course THAT DRESS! <3

  2. Love this outfit sweetie, yeah I think everyone is broke this month :P aww hope you and your BFF had fun xxxxx

  3. That dress is so lovely, great print! Really like it with that jumper too :D great outfit!!

  4. oh my goodness! this outfit is sooo cute! i love your style and love the blog too! :)

    - rach.

  5. This is such a cute outfit! :)

  6. Your dress truly is the most amazing print <3 I love the colour of your jersey too!

    Lost in the Haze

  7. Love the Peter Pan collar on the dress and the colour of the jumper is gorrrrgeous.

  8. Fallen in love with your floral dress.. I have a soft spot for all things floral and your dress is no different! love love love. And you look great! x


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