Blouse: Topshop. Shorts: New Look. Sandals: Peacocks. Bag: H&M

Hello Friday! And hello very sweaty day today. However, I WILL NOT complain about it being hot. I need to top up my glow (i'm definitely lacking lately.!) and I also will not complain that it's the weekend! Whoop. Which means, I am heading home, for fun with the family, friends and most definitely the kitty! I told myself I would get up mega early so I can spend the whole day doing something productive with Mama McFred. (I bet I sleep in!) Hmm, but tomorrow is payday. So this will probably equal my money going straight away! And I always seem to be with Mama Mcfred on payday. And she always takes me shopping. MUST stop seeing her on payday! Or at least learn to stay in and knit.
As today was such a glorious day, I headed to the park to feed the ducks and what not, I took a few snaps...

I know, I have the WORST nails in the world. But please don't even mention them, I get it ALL the time from the folks! I just LOVE this colour! It make's them a little better. I am a biter. Yes. Deal with it.
Now I must hop,skip run before Queen C get's on my case about pottering around in my bra and knoshers and not actually being ready to head out for a few beverages! Eep. This will NOT end messy. This will NOT end messy...
Best get the bathroom prepared.

Top: Topshop. Camel Pants: Zara. 

Hello nice weather. If you're going to stay like this for a while, then I feel I made the right decision to stay in the UK again. Did you see my mayhem with my tights the other day? Is that why you decided to bring sunshine, so my legs can be out again? I love tights. But they just don't love me.

Jumper: Topshop. Long Vest: Topshop. Boots: Primark.

I'm not usually one for tight jumpers over long vests with leggings.. But today I decided to pop on this jumper with the vest and, the pain of my life, the tights! I'd like to hope it doesn't look half bad. I hate seeing girls with leggings on and just a tee that doesn't manage to cover there ass (I say this I'm now slobbing in leggings with a tee showing my ass!) so I was a little wary wearing this.. But thankfully the extra long vest managed to work as a skirt today! Hooray! I loved this jumper when I picked it up many moons ago, so I don't know why I stopped wearing it? Maybe because I'm all for the baggy knits (hello hiding the winter stomach!). 
On that note, I told myself last night it's really time that I started to eat better, attempt exercise and stop being such a fat bum. I read something online, and it made me answer some questions, which turned out that I eat for company. Totally true. Like tonight for instance, I've come home from work (already eaten bear in mind) and I look straight in the fridge. I debate cooking myself a dinner. ANOTHER dinner! Seriously? I just can't stop.. and one of these days I will have to stop, because I can't get out the frigging door! Hmm. Maybe I'll start tomorrow? Or the next day!
Now I MUST go, and find some food, tickle my tastebuds with orange hot chocolate and let my heart excite with Gossip Girls new season! YES. Ed Westwick back into my life. Hooray. Thanks Matt, you can leave the building for a few months now. I'll take you back when the season finishes! LOL

Knit:Charity shop. Skirt: Topshop. Boots: New Look.

I picked up this beaut of a jumper in a charity shop for three squid today! And thankfully my purse could stretch to it... So all was well! I love the colour of it, and it's pretty thick and snug. The only downside is the short sleeve's (like seriously who wear's short sleeved jumpers?!) But I just couldn't resist,and hopefully I'll be able to wear it in the Winter. I know I'll probably be crying when it's mega cold!! I also finally picked up the beautiful River Island dress,and got it cheaper! It was the last one in a small size but had a slight snag on it.. The gentleman at the till tried to send me to their website, but I refused and said it was an urgent purchase (pah!) So he gave me £10 off! Which to be fair, is pretty amazing considering you normally get like £1 off for a rip. So I walked out of there extremely happy! I don't think my purse was though! Actually, I could do with a new one... Plus I'm totally splurging on these beautiful boots come payday! They will be perfect for Paris. And at least I'll be able to walk around in them all day and not be hobbling around!
I also love how greasy my hair is! I'm one of those girls who only washes her hair like every 3 days. Gross right? But seriously, would you wanna spend 2 hours a day at least trying to calm it down?! I very rarely brush it and I never wear it up, so I like to hope I can get away with it! It's just ridiculously thick and a nightmare! I definitely look like Tina Turner in the morning! Tonight is hairwash night! BLEURGH. Do you hate washing your hair? Or am I the only perculiar girl?
Last night, Matt said to me out of the blue that he didn't think he could ever marry me because I don't like Sunday Roast! He has always known this about me, but something must have been on the TV and he was like "Oh, but I always imagined my wife to cook me Sunday Roast." Well my little bum, unfortunately that ain't gonna happen! And on that note, I'm off to make a curry! That'll have to do!


I cannot get enough of this incredible shop at the minute! I remember finding it one day whilst on a walk exploring the City, and couldn't believe it. From the outside upon first glance, it looks like a small vintage shop with maybe a few treasures hidden inside. I couldn't have been further from the truth. As I walked through the door, I could see the hoards and hoards of not just clothes, but furniture, teacups and saucers, books, bags, shoes, and even photo frames. It was amazing!
As you can see from the pictures (terrible snaps.. I left my camera at home!) the shop itself, goes on and on forever. I love how as you walk down the main floor to both your left and right, are little sections all styled completely to their own. You can find some total treasures in there. Actually you can literally want EVERYTHING in there! And what's best, is the prices are fantastic. An item of clothing can begin as low as £7 (maybe even lower.. I'm yet to find!) and range right up to £40, which to be fair is such a bargain! Whatever your budget, you will find something in there!
I absolutely adore the collections of bags, so many to choose from! All colours, and shapes and sizes! Along with the beautiful choice of shoes too! My favourites are the dresses. I am a huge fan of the shift dresses and smock style ones. However I do tend to struggle with the length. For, I am a little old lady, and with the types of dresses back in the day, they sat perfectly on gorgeous ladies knees. However for me, they tend to flow to my calf.. and this completely makes my legs look lost! The same goes for the skirts too but with a little tuck, it can be fixed to perfection! And I'll always find myself heading out the door with a bag full of clothes!
It's a place you really must go and visit if you're close by. I can spend a good few hours in there at each time! The Vintage Emporium is such a magical place, and I feel each item hidden inside the shop, tells a story! That's what excites me the most. I love to think about who possibly wore what!

Dress: Boutique.

Oh how my life is complete once again! I thoroughly LOVED seeing my little Laura this weekend. As she pulled into our street, I literally raced out to see her... and even felt like welling up (what a sausage!) We had an awesome weekend, filled with plenty of food and endless cups of tea. She's definitely my true tea friend! And thankfully, the teapot cake went down a treat! The hard work paid off! Once she had overcome the excitement of the fact the WHOLE cake was for her, we set about getting ready for a few beverages! Met up with my cupcake partner, Chrissy where we spent the evening busting the moves to the live band in a bar. I don't think my feet knew what they were capable of.. Guess they call me shaking Shakira for a reason!

Of course, considering we're Kettering girls at heart, we couldn't leave without chips & cheese. Yes chips & cheese. NOT cheesy chips. I find myself having constant arguments with the Southerners about this debate! Anyway, today we mooched around, watching DVD's and literally eating the whole house of all it's food! And of course, tea! I felt so sad when she left tonight, even though I'm seeing her next weekend! What a big softie I am! It's time I started to man up...
Now I'm nestled into my usual spot of the sofa (we always give it to guests, so as soon as they leave it's a race between Matt and myself to see who can get there first!) and I plan to stay here for a few hours. Actually that's a lie, I think I'll be retreating to bed VERY soon! Especially after my stupid crazy dreams last night! I must learn NOT to eat cheese before bed.
This is going to be tricky...

Dress: H&M. Bow hairclip: Miss Selfridge. Ring: Topshop

Hooray! It's the weekend, and I should really be out right now partying the night away because I can. However porridge took priority so instead I snuggled on the sofa with some porridge, the biggest cuppa tea and the X Factor USA. Well I say this, but my TV seems to have acquired a stutter this evening, and I don't know how much longer I can take of it. Maybe that calls for some KUWTK! 
Today I did the most retarded thing I think I've ever done. Actually I do a lot of retarded things. I was leaving Tesco, and headed down the ramp to the door, and literally scared myself and stopped at a halt. I noticed a lady with a pushchair about to come in, so I waited for them to pass. They didn't. I moved a little forward, and so did they. After what seemed like forever, I realised that the lady was actually me. It was a reflection. Seriously, felt like such.a.tit. 
I'll possibly be a little MIA this weekend on the blog, because I know for a fact I'm going to be literally ALL over my friend (ha YES!) and do lots of fun things with her. I say this, we'll probably spend our days drinking tea in the garden. Rumour has it, there's going to be some sunshine this weekend?! Here's hoping! I hope you all have a super fun weekend! 

Jumper: H&M

I feel absolutely wacked today! Hooray that it's Friday tomorrow, ready for another lazy weekend. I won't lie to you, I'm a regular at this! Probably because I'm a loner at the weekend, what with the boyf working ALL the time and still being in a new city so not knowing that many cool kids! Actually I lie, someone totally wanted to be my new BFF today. At the school gates. He was 60+ years and wearing socks and sandals (I know right) BUT I thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt... And then his opening line was "Oh, that tree over there is dead.. I never knew that" Our friendship was short lived. 
Tonight, I finished the beauty of a cake that I made for my real BFF, Laura, who is coming to visit a la weekendo! To be fair, Matt did majority of the decorating.. I am not the icing sugar queen, I always leave that to Chrissy! BUT, after a cuppa tea, some stressed faces and a very messy kitchen.. we created a masterpiece. So we think! I won't be posting it YET incase she read's this (and yes I did however upload it to my twitter...!) but I'll show you once she's seen it. I'm literally gonna BEG her to take it home to eat, I cannot face any kinda cupcake anymore. Shame! I used to be a cupcake whore.
Dress: Boutique. Cardigan: Topshop. Boots: New Look. Coat: Primark.

Dear Mr weather. I really disliked you today. I knew it was a little cold, but obviously I don't own trousers so you knew a dress is all I had. Nonetheless, I topped it with a cardigan thinking it was just cold because it was stupidly early. Even after a few hours it was still a little chilly.. and whilst out on a walk (and an epic conker collecting!) I froze even more, so opted for my knit jumper. After lunch I ended up popping home to grab my big faux fur coat because I was shivering. And then what did you do? You made the sun come out! Seriously? You need to make up your mind whether you're hot or cold you know?! Yours angrily, Katy.
Besides the weather being a total bore, I am finding it extremely difficult to get up in the mornings! Maybe because it's so cold. But this wouldn't normally bother me, especially after being used to it for many years in colder climates! I reckon I've just turned into a blouse! And so, with the day like today, I raced home and embraced my slippers, a nice cuppa tea and urm my big list of things to do. That I haven't done...

1: Love. 2: River Island. 3: Romwe. 4: Topshop Unique

Oh how I wish today was payday.. But I have a while yet! I have my eye on these four gorgeous dresses! Each could be worn dressed down or dolled up!They would all look perfect in the day with a chunky knit over the top and some boots, and then perfected for evening with some heels and a gorgeous bag!
1: This dress caught my eye, partly because of the name "Pocahontas". If you know me, you know this is who I always wished (and still do) I was! It's totally my kinda dress. Simple yet,still a statement! It was hard deciding which dress to choose, because I think their 'Pleated waist dress' range are incredible.. I think all the colours are gorgeous, with my favourite being the Aubergine and Teal! I can imagine them in my wardrobe now! Definitely time for a wardrobe update! (as always!)
2: This dress has been on my wishlist since the day after payday (funny right?!) I absolutetly adore the detail of it, and the cuffs and collar really complete the outfit! I'm not a River Island shopper at all, but everytime I walk past the window I always catch myself glancing at the beauty of this dress. It's a popular dress too! I've seen so many people wearing it, and luckily everyone has managed to look gorgeous and pull it off perfectly.. Let's hope I do too! This dress is worth every penny.
3: What beautiful colours right? I've only just discovered Romwe, and already I've found myself wanting too many pieces from their site! I managed to knuckle it down to a few, and picked this one! I love the colours together. The mustard adds a spark while the navy keeps things simple! I just know I'd wear this all the time if I could! And at onl £28.07 I think it's gonna be a first purchase!
4: In love with this dress I think. It has everything I love; peterpan collar, ribbon tie, skater style dress, and a cute detail. I am not a dog lover, however I would make myself one to own this dress! I literally cannot stop staring at the beauty of it! However with it being a Topshop unique, it's a leeeetle pricey... But sometimes, those splurges are worth spending for!
How long till payday?


 Meet the new addition to the family. Bear. Tonight as I waited excitedly to see the parent's, I was VERY shocked when they finally arrived and I opened the door with my mum standing there saying "Now please don't cry". And before I could do anything, I cried. I looked down, and she was holding the smallest and most fluffiest kittens I think I've ever seen. And I've seen some cats in my time. Ever since I was a young one I have always known for their to be a cat in the house. Losing our third cat was one of the saddest things that happened to me. And two year's later, time had gone on and we hadn't had another. From recently moving out, myself and Matt debated a cat, to keep me company. But unfortunately the landlord declined.
So when I saw this little face staring up at me, I literally melted. I took him from my mum STRAIGHT away and could have squeezed it to death, because it was that adorable! They had just picked it up from down our way and knew that I'd want to see it. Equipped with a little food bag and a litter tray, he was here to visit for a few hours. At first, he was in and out of everything! Then he had a real power nap of about 4 minutes before following me to the fridge (after drinking my orange juice!) He is literally epically fluffly and even has fur coming out of his ears.. Just like a true old man style! Hence his name Bear!
As soon as my parent's left and I closed the door.. I honestly burst into tears. I may seem a wet blanket, I know I am a wet blanket. But more than anything in life would I love for a kitten right now in our house. It would have the best time ever! I'd probably even let it in the shower with me! However, about my needs aside, I'm also thoroughly glad my parents finally decided to get one again after 18 months of attempted moving house! I know this kitten is going to have a whale of a time.. I hope he like's pigeons! Because I'm sure my dad won't want to say goodbye to the fat pigeons in the back garden!

Apologies for the picture quality. I had no time to grab my camera.. I was too excited!

Ninety Nine


Jumper: Beyond Retro. Shorts: Sans Souci.

I have spent the first half of my day in my one piece, but I got fed up with the cold when I kept nipping to the toilet! So I changed into my Mickey Mouse jumper.. It's still such a beauty, although I rarely leave the house in it! Imagine if I wore it to work, I'd fit in well with the girls! And funnily enough I'm wearing my hair up! I was thinking about this this week. Everyday I make sure I have a hairband wrapped round my wrist, but I never ever wear my hair up. I hate it. The only time I will do this, is like the picture above, whilst I'm at home mooching around! Plus, It's not normally that I will let a picture be taken! 
I also wanted to let a few of you know. Today I mentioned on Twitter about beauty bloggers who follow me, then wonder why I don't follow them. Basically, I don't wear makeup. Nothing. Zero. Except nail varnish. Which totally doesn't count. Or does it? I tried it once, actually twice. The first time, was attempting it myself and heading downstairs for my mother to shriek "what happened?!" And the second time, was a pretty much forced effort by my friends for a night out. It's quite sad really... especially considering the fact I'm nearly 23 and don't even know how to apply it?! It's not that I don't need it (I'm sure I do!) but I've never been interested! Plus with the way I buy clothes, I'd never be able to keep my supply up! Please don't then think I'm not a girly girl. Because I am. I wear dresses. I brush my hair (sometimes) and I still cry at movies. Probably more so than your average girl. But for me, I would rather spend an extra hour in bed than sit infront of a mirror putting this and that on my face. And anyway, mascara running down my face would end up being my day to day look.. So I'm best off without!
On another note, I have been such a lazy toad today! I had so much planned that I needed to do. And before I knew it, the boyf was home from work and I still hadn't done anything! Hmm. I'm also back to work tomorrow after another week off. No rest for me now, till December when I head to Paris! However, I cannot wait till tomorrow as the parents are popping up to visit me when I finish work. I always get so excited to see them! Whether they come once a month or once a week! So maybe, I should really get on with list of things to do.. Hmm, after I've washed my hair.  Am I the only girl who HATES hair wash day?


Ninety Eight


Knit: Primark. Dress: Matalan. Boots: New Look. Belt & Bangles: Primark. Tights: Topshop

Yes. It's the knit again. I cannot find myself taking it off lately! It's so nice and easy to throw on over anything!  And today I decided to add it up with this old chesnut of a dress. I dug it out of the wardrobe.. because I keep wearing the same thing over and over again! Anyway, we just popped to the shops today, to get a present for my mama and papa! I managed to resist buying myself anything! So a little sad. I'm already counting down the days till payday! I have muchos on my list of things I want.
Extremely tired today too, which is perculiar considering I had 13 hours sleep! Although I was dreaming of Mr Ed Westwick for majority of my evening.. and then was devasated when I woke up and he wasn't in my bed!
I am totally excited that today the BFF is coming home from her epic travels! And cannot wait for her to come visit me next weekend. I am literally like a child at christmas time! I don't know how she managed to cope for the 4 years whilst I was away.. because I sure as hell have found it hard for the 4 months that she's been gone! 
Now I must keep this short, because a few friends have come over for dinner tonight.. A lovely way to end our week off! Hello carbonara. Let's see how this goes down...


Ninety Seven


Cape: Japan. Leggings: Miss Selfridges. Tee: Zara. Slippers: Matalan. Hairband: A-Wear.

The quiet after the storm today...And finally time to chill out after our nearly finished week off! After 6 big breakfasts, endless cups of coffee, runs to the train station, and copious amounts of washing up/hoovering and tidying, we're finally back to normality! With 10 crazy cats from all over the country coming to visit for a night on the tiles.. things were bound to be messy! Although, I haven't been well for the past few weeks, so I had to be the sober boring one! And trust me, queuing for a club where everyone was pushing and shoving and shouting didn't really end well, with me in tears leaving the queue, only for the bouncer to let me in on the side because he felt sorry for me! Thanks! Honestly though, I don't know whether it's just age, but for a few year's I always seem to struggle with people in my own space. And then last night really tipped it. Maybe because I had zero energy to push and shove back, I'm not sure, but I just wanted to get out of there.. grab my slippers and head home! 
However, I carried on through the night because I wanted everyone to have a good night.. and I think they all did.. everyone was pretttttty hungover today! Fun times! It was amazing to see everyone to, and a little weird at first. Especially seeing everyone so dressed up, considering we were so used to each other in hoodies/ trackies and beanies! But nonetheless, everyone looked gorgeous! And let's hope it's not forever till we see them again!
And so, tonight myself and Matt are currently curled up on the sofa (there's a first!) with the ice cream by our sides, and this is where we plan to stay for the evening! And you know what? I reckon we'll do exactly the same tomorrow! Will someone pass us the duvet please?


Ninety Six


Dress: Boutique. Boots: Primark. Blazer: Nikka. Cupcakes: EatCakeLove

As you can see from these stupidly crazy yet ace pictures, we did some baking today! Actually LOTS of baking. Two baby showers completed! I am absolutely exhausted! Before delivering we managed to get a few snaps of the spares we had left over (yes Tignes lot.. these are for you tomorrow!) and also for our blog which definitely needs a bit more work doing!
So besides spending a good 5 hours baking away, and then having to clean up. Actually I lie, Matt did this! We're now about to sit down and eat burritos! Hooray burrito night.. and movie! It's been so nice to have a week off and actually see him! Plus we're preparing ourselves for the mayhem that will happen tomorrow! Eek!
Also, my cape came today! I was a little unsure once but as you do, you always click Buy it Now on Ebay, then doubt if you actually wanted it! Anyway, it finally arrived.. and the more I look at it, the more I adore! 
What do you think to the new blog layout and header? I kept it quite simple.. I was trying to make it too complicated, but we've established that actually I like things simple. Maybe because I am simple myself!

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