Eighty Two


Today I spent majority of my day watching Gossip Girl. With the lovely Tove. And yes I am lazy again. Why, I hear you ask? Because I am on holiday. But I have no place to holiday.
Other than my sofa.

So we sat and watched re runs of Gossip Girl. Dyed my hair. And oh wow, how the bathroom looked like a crime scene. And ate so much food for a family of 8. But you know what?
I LIKE it that way!

And tomorrow, my holiday will be SHOPPING!
Hello no money again.

P.s Have you checked out my BLOG shop? I'm selling on ebay but if you're interested then lemme know.
And we can talk business!


Mia is a fashion blogger over at FashionbyMimi and has a lovely intake on the fashion life.
She has just completed an intern at Look magazine.
And I loved reading her posts.
Plus. She has HOT hair.

Today, Mia will be talking about... Turning your Summer loves into Autumn treasures:

Okay so I admit it, you can hardly call the blistering winds and rainy days summer, but, I’m sure many of you still braved the cold in your new summers buys just like I did! However, I think as August draws to  a close, it may just be time to say bye bye to those short shorts and figure out ways that you can still wear your summer style this Autumn. I’ve picked 3 Summer styles that can be easily adapted to your AW11 wardrobe, starting with the playsuit!

Playsuit, Cardigan, Brogues: All topshop.

Now normally, in the heat of Summer, this playsuit would look adorable teamed with some quirky espadrilles and a gorgeous hip back pack. Perfect for evenings at the beach.
Autumn: The beautiful tans, oranges and pinks in the playsuit make it an autumn beauty. Team it with some classic brogues, some thick black tights and a warm cardi and voila!
The Shorts:
Shorts; Topshop. Jumper: River Island. Boots: Asos

These delightful polka dots shorts are right on trend for AW11 and so are perfect for your wardrobe! In the summer, these shorts would have looked sooo perdy with a little vest top and some cute sandals but rewind a few months and you get...
Autumn: Wear these beauties with the classic black tights, some ankle boots and that woollen wonder and there you have it!
The dress!

Dress River island. Jacket: Topshop. Shoes: Topshop

The hardest one of all because Summer dresses are totally different to our AW ones. In the summer, we wear floral and floaty, but when it comes to the winter, we want to cover up every little last bit of skin!
I am in love with this beautiful summer maxi dress. Not only does the colour scream sun, sand and ice cream, but the total shape of it reminds me of black and white Hollywood classics. In the warm months of June, I would have worn this with some pumps and a massive sun hat.
Autumn: Okay, I admit it, this dress it pretty easy to wear in the autumn as it is long enough to keep your legs warm however, the lengths also proves a problem as it raises the question every girl hates; What shoes?! 
Autumn: As a sucker for the 70s trend. I would totally team this with some tassled heels! Don’t be scared of the colours, brighten up your autumn day! Faux fur is so hot for AW 2011 so turn on the glamour and get yourself a gorgeous oversized jacket to keep those winter chills away!

Thanks to Miss Mia!
I hope you enjoyed this new post!
Check back tomorrow, to see another bloggers intake on life...
P.s - I'm having a lazy week.
No need to see me in pictures of my one piece AGAIN!




I didn't realise how much of a pain it is to sell on Ebay. I thought it was time to sell my clothes. Not all of them. Just some that sit and sit in my wardrobe.
Yep, my actual wardrobe.
Which also goes to show I don't wear them. Or they would be happily covering my floor.

So i'm in the process of taking a GAZILLION photo's.
Editing them so I can cheekily get 3 shots in one.
AND then uploading. ARGH.
All this effort. For money.
Roll on when i'm rich!


Seventy Nine


I am so excited. You'd think it's Christmas.
Because today...

One piece: H&M childrens.

I have been after one for  a a a a g e s  now.
And was waiting patiently for payday so I could fork out the £140 for one.
Yes that's right.
Pricey right?

Anyway, there it was.
Not really the beautiest of beauts.
But still incredible.
And £20.

I literally raced home. Stripped. And put it right on.
I am now in  h    e    a     v     e    n

Did I mention it's a children's one?


Seventy Eight


Feeling like a school boy today.
Not literally.
Actually maybe.
I was pretty excited when I found some decorative toilet roll today whilst shopping.
I know right.
So rock and roll.

Top: Topshop. Shorts: New look. Boots: Primark.
Jacket: New look. Tights: A mystery (they appear not to be mine..!)

Also, on our fun adventure of shopping.
We saw a spider.
Not your average spider.
A BIG spider.
Quite possibly about as big as my foot.
OK. Maybe a  l i t t l e  smaller.
But still pretty big!

Spiders shoes: own.

See! Huge right?
Now I am going to clean the house today.
I've been saying that for the past TWO days!
Really. This time.
And dyeing my hair.
Well attemping.
After making some more aero mint rocky road.


Seventy Six


After watching Chalet Girl last night.
(Quite possibly the 60th time)
Us drunken girls decided to dress up in all my winter gear.
Including, the goggles.
And of course. The love of my life.
My board.

Slob clothes: Slob's own. Board: Ride. Goggles: Oakley.

I think the scariest thing, was actually when the girls had my beanies on...
They weirdly looked like me.
It freaked me out.

Oh but how it made me want to go riding.
Right. About. Now.

If only, Ed Westwick would call me up and say he's booked me a helicopter ride.
I would totally serve him lunch.
Naked too.


Seventy Five


Today has been a perculiar day..
And it's only 3pm!

Dress: Primark. Skirt: Topshop. Wedges: Primark.

So I got up this morning. And went to work for TWO hours.
Then came home.
Went to bed.
And woke up two hours later.
And now it feels like another new day.
Perculiar really!

Very excited for today, because the lovely Jess and Lucie are coming to visit again!
And this will totally cheer me up.
After my little lonely day this week!
I know that, although we're not heading out.. it's going to end messy!
As always, with them.

I very much enjoyed talking to my lovely cousin last night on Skype.
I cannot wait for her to return from USA on Friday!
It's literally flown by.
And then only a few more weeks.. till the BFF returns!

Song of the Moment: Every day this week when I've been driving.. this song has ALWAYS been on the radio. And it's definitely becoming a favourite! Also, it's totally Fearne Cotton's record of the week! Even better! Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Enjoy!


Seventy Four


I would very much like...A kitten.

Just like this.
So I could name him Runkle.
That is all.

Love forever,
Kfedland x

Today, we FINALLY got internet, after being moved in two months!
Although it wasn't exactly the easiest day as some of you would know from Twitter.
The man was RUDE,
Spoke to me like I was dumb,
And thought I was a 16year old SLUT!
Just because I had two little girls with me.
And he even had the cheek to reply.
"Didn't think you looked old enough for children".
At this point, I had plenty of balls.
And so I responded with
"Well ACTUALLY I could technically have 3 if I wanted!".

After this though, there were arguments, and even tears.
That's all I am saying.
I think i've told the story to much today.
Let's just say, now I have the internet... I'm definitely complaining!

I've been feeling a little down in the dumps this week.
Not to sure why.
Maybe a little lonely, and the fact this is the longest i've been at home.
I reckon I just needed a mum hug!
Guess every girl does sometimes!

And on another note, our business cards arrived for EatCakeLove!
We're hopefully setting up a stall at the vintage fair in St Albans mid September.
So if your about.. be sure to pop in and buy a yummy cake!

Keeping it short and sweet tonight.
I've totally just found ALL of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on my BT Vision.

Love forever,
Kfedland x

Seventy Two


Today, I spent the day at Thorpe Park.
I absolutely LOVE rollercoasters.
Well I still do, but i'm not sure my stomach does anymore!
And the hardest part of the morning?
Was thinking about WHAT to wear!
Especially, considering I pretty much only own dresses..
And didn't think the people in the park will want to see my pants ALL day!

So. I opted for my new shorts.
I had been after a pair like these for AAGES.
But none seemed to make my ass look nice.
And small.
And I know that's tricky.

Blouse: Vintage. Shorts: Primark. Shoes: Deichmen.

Anyway, after being squished in a car with FOUR. VERY. BIG and SWEATY men.
Not by choice.
We got to Thorpe Park.
I knew they must have thought.
"Oh brilliant. A girl. She's gonna be a wimp".
I'm totally not.
Apart from the water slides.. only because of the fringe.
I've come to realise that with my fringe left au natural.. I look like NICK GRIMSHAW!
Fit for him.
Ugly for me.
So, I put on my sweet baby face and said to Matt. 
Ok, forced him.
To take off his shirt.
It made a LOVELY hat.

I had an awesome day, until I ate.
KFC. A big fan. Only for the corn on the cobs.
Until Matt told me that popcorn chicken was a chicken's testicle.
And OBVIOUSLY I believed him.

Before leaving, we decided we'd go on Saw.
I HATE Saw. The film.
I am SHIT scared of the face.
Full stop.
And anyway, the ride looked amazing. It was outside. So I thought I wouldn't see the face.
Whilst queuing there were 'live actors'.
And out of nowhere, this freaky man, just put his face right INFRONT of my face.
IT was NOT cool.
So this freaked me out. Got onto the ride.
And I don't know what freaked me out more, the face I had just seen, or the GAZILLIONS of turns on the ride.
I had put my seat WAY to tight aswell.
And I screamed.
I don't normally scream.

And to make it worse?
I had been filmed the WHOLE way round!

I think i'm getting to old for rollercoasters. I love them. But I just don't think my body can take it anymore.
So I literally, hobbled home. And now i'm curled up on the sofa.
With my new cupcake box (sad right).
And a HUGE cuppa tea.

And you know what?
THIS is what I should be doing nowadays.

Now, where did I leave my knitting book?

Love forever,
Kfedland x

Seventy One


Today, when I finally got out of bed, did absolutely nothing.
I just about managed to put some clothes on.
I didn't brush my hair.
Or put on deodrant.
But I did brush my teeth.
And put on a bra.
So this is fine.

From getting up out of bed.
I just relocated to the sofa.
And only left the sofa, to get ice cream.
And take one toilet break.

Tee: David & Goliath. Hat: Coal. Shorts: American Apparel. 
Feet: own. Ice cream: Caramel crazy!

Guess it's a few more hours till it's bedtime again.
And then I'll do this all over again tomorrow.

I LOVE lazy weekends.

Love forever,
Kfedland x
I am slowly falling in love with Jessie J.
This is quite a shock for me, to LOVE a certain performer.
I 'like' acts.
I've just never really been to the point of 'obsessed'.
Apart from The Wombats.

I don't really know what it was that started it.
Because I haven't exactly followed her throughout her career.
But lately.
I just cannot get enough of her!

I'm currently sat watching her set at V Festival live.
(obviously wishing I was there! A different story!)
And I am watching in utter awe.
Considering she has a broken foot (asif you didn't already know!)
She is putting on an awesome performance.
I LOVE her facial expressions.
Partly because I am also known for the faces I pull.
Her hair is absolutely incredible.
And as we know, I too went for the full fringe.
The clothes she wear's for her perfomances are fantastic.
A little to wild for me. But don't hold out.
What a lady. What a performer. What a talent. 
And what a BLOODY good voice she has!

Maybe, I just want to be her instead?

And to help with my utter love at the minute..
I'm booking tickets to see her!

Song of the Moment: Her new single! Who's laughing now! A.Mazing!

Love forever,
Kfedland x


I really want..


I am a HUGE fan of boots.
Not Boots shop.
Boots footwear.

I'll even wear boots in the summer.
I don't know if it's from being in the Alps for the past four years, where boots became my best friend.
Or just because they're so beautiful.
Plus, I'm not really that good in heels.

I have literally            fell             in               love
With some boots from River Island.
This is ALSO a shock.
I don't shop there
Boots: River Island.

I'm a little sad that I couldn't just buy them when I saw them.
Partly because I couldn't get it into my head, that I have bills to pay these days!
I'm waiting till next pay day.
Where they will then be joining me in my wardrobe.
Or out of it for approximately a month.
Where, upon buying NEW items.
I ALWAYS tend to hang them OUTSIDE the wardrobe, so I can stare at them.
And remind myself of any new purchases.

These boots will be next!


Song of the Moment: I absolutely ADORE the LoveFilm advert, with the Plain White T's song in the background. It makes the advert so much more enjoyable. So today, I am choosing this song! Mwah.

Love forever,
Kfedland x

I had spotted this idea in a recipe book.
And thought I'd give it a whirl!

They look absolutely amazing!
And I am SO pleased how they've turned out!
Definitely going up on the site!
Remember to head over to
And also the blog
If you have any questions, email us


Love forever,
Kfedland x
Today I have felt like such an old lady!
I also think that I'm kinda like Benjamin Button.. And since I was little, I've always been a sleepy one.
And maybe when I'm older I shall be really HIP.
And trendy.
And party till the sun comes up!
Or maybe not.
Maybe I've just aged ridiculously fast!

The weather isn't really a friend of mine today.. Or anyday for that matter!
I had to pull out the big chunky knit for work because I was EXTREMELY cold.
And still sleepy!
Little N did ask me why I was wearing a coat today, in the Summer time.
Good question N!
I. Really. Don't. Know!

Chunky knit: Joe Brown. Top: New look. 

So, then tonight, I wrapped up warm for a few drinks with my friends!
In a forever 21 dress that I haven't worn for ages!
Possibly my birthday in Tignes.
Last year.
Wait I ended up out for an hour!
ANYWAY, I LOVE this dress.

Tonight I ended up heading out to join people on results night.
I don't really know why, considering I don't know anyone in education still.
School education.
Anyway, the queue was so crazy busy.
And this girl kept pushing into me.
And I hate people in my space.
I was totally freaking out.
Like such an old bag.
Partly because they were ALL towering over me.
And looking down at me, thinking:
"She aint got any chance of getting in.. she looks about 16!"
And then this other girl got in front of me.
And I swear she had forgotten her trousers!
She was pretty naked.
This definitely makes me feel like a granny.

I also had ONE cider tonight,
And I was stumbling home.
Ranting away.
Then I got carried to bed.
As though my legs wouldn't work.
Why does this happen?

However, my achievement today is a good story.
Possibly quite immature.
And not in the slightest an achievement!
So. My next door car parking neighbour ALWAYS parks so close to me.
That I struggle to get in the door.
Partly the ass problem too.
But mostly the lack of space.
And so today, I spent a good 15 minutes reversing into my spot.
The 15 minutes isn't an exageration.
Nor does this make me a shit driver.
Its just the parking spaces are very tight to get in and out of!
So. Literally once I had finally reversed... Very carefully not hitting his car.
Although. Tempted.
I was VERY pleased with this parking!
He, on the other hand isn't going to be.
I mega want to NOT move my car all weekend now.. because it was SUCH an effort and I cannot wait to see his face.
BUT I really don't fancy walking to work.
So looks like I've kinda lost a battle against myself already.
This seems to happen regularly lately.

And for anyone who's even remotely interested..
I'm not the only one with 'decision making' problems!
Grazia magazine actually had a feature titled..
'Generation Undecided'!
I TOTALLY fall underthis.
So what's the next stage?
I don't know.

Can anyone help me decide it?

Love forever,
Kfedland x
It's not my birthday for another FOUR months!
But we booked up Paris today, where I will be celebrating it!
I've never been. I am TRES excited.

I will NOT be getting married.
Incase you were thinking it was the next stage.
Matt knows that I will quite possibly without a doubt...
S H O O T   H I M



Love forever,
Kfedland x



New flavour's for EatCakeLove today..
I've been VERY busy!
Don't forget to tell everyone about these.

A Cup of Coffee. Banoffee Love.
Aero Mint. Marshmallow Mayhem.
Sensational Strawberry + White Chocolate.

Love forever,
Kfedland x

Hello big cupcake.
How nice of you to join us!

Dress: vintage
Love forever,
Kfedland x
Today my folks came down to visit us.
It was so lovely to see them again.

I always enjoy it when they come to visit.
Especially as they always bring some form of fun present.
This time, it was a watering can.
Although, the plants are looking a litttle beyond repair.
Maybe the frog can live in it for the time being?
Apparently we have a frog in our garden.
Either this is because he thinks we have the best 'pond' in the neighbourhood.
OR Matt's just completely making it up!
And is losing the plot.

I kinda hope he's losing the plot.

Love forever,
Kfedland x

Bargain Beauty


After telling myself that I wasn't allowed to make anymore purchases this month.
I completely went against it.
Maybe I should have limited myself for a week?

Anyway, in the midst of a charity shop.. I found a beautiful bargain.
I'm a sucker for dresses.
This is pretty much all I own.
Because they're easy to 'throw on'.
Pull on some tights.
Put on some boots.
Or wear just bare.

And so, out of the corner of my eye.. I noticed a dress.
Kinda like my other dresses.
Well so Matt said anyway when I showed him.
But I fell in love with the collar.
And at the price, I knew that not only was I happy.
My purse was VERY happy!
Yes £5.
And the beauty is, that no-one else will have this dress!

Dress: Charity shop. Bag: Primark.

It's a little bit big around the chest area.. so either I need to buy a BIG padded bra.
Or I just deal with the 'saggy tits look'.
But oh so worth it for this!

And the biggest best thing about it?
I can eat ALL that I want.
And it doesn't show.
The beauty of free flow dresses!

So now, please pass me the Rocky Road, and let me continue my website development.
Please check out our EatCakeLove facebook page HERE  and SPREAD the word!

Song of the moment: I heard this on the radio the other day, and instantly took a like to it! I reckon Christina is gonna be HUGE! Her voice is incredible!

Love forever,
Kfedland x


Haircut DIY


I took the plunge, and cut my hair.
I always go through phases of:
To cut a fringe?
No fringe.
Cut it short?
Keep it long.
So in the end.. I gave in, and grabbed the scissors.
And took to my hair.

It hasn't lasted long already!
I brushed it to the side today.
So now I look a bit of a mess.
Nothing new I guess!

Love forever,
Kfedland x
So this weekend I've decided to do not much at all..
And what better way to do this, than bring out the fun pants!
I LOVE them!

Slouch top: Forever21. Fabulously Fun Pants: Joe Browns

I remember when I fell in love with them via the internet. 
I HAD to have them!
They're oh so roomy.
Trust me, sometimes Matt and myself tend to share a leg each!
What a fun couple!

So this weekend, besides my folks coming to visit, and a spot of cleaning..
I plan to sit on the BIG sofa.
And do nothing.
Watch plenty of crap shows.
And eat lots.

ALSO...We had our first cupcake order today! For a baby shower.
Extremely excited for this!
So obviously, being business like.. We ordered our business cards.
I was forced to have "Company Director on it"
I HONESTLY fought not to.
I lost.

Love forever,
Kfedland x


Frog Friends


Today whilst at work, we made a new friend.
We found a little frog in the bushes, courtesy of the next door neighbours Cat, Kesser.
Kesser isn't it's real name.
This is what little N and A decided to call it.

Anyway, the poor frog.
A baby frog.
Was petrified of this cat.
So we decided to make a little pond for him whenever he wanted to go swimming..
The girls words, not mine!

A pretty poor attempt.. But in fairness, will the frog even use it?
Possibly not.
And even if it did.
I'm pretty chicken to go near it!

Love forever,
Kfedland x

This time last year, seemed a completely different world to what I'm living right now.
My biggest worries last year were 'how the hell am I gonna get out of this place early?'
This years worries are more
'I hope my rent moneys gone out'

You see.. Back then, I was trying to escape my seasonnaire life. Get out of the mountains, go home to normality.
But funnily enough, now I'm home and 'free'.. I kinda miss it!
Especially THAT summer season.
Because I completely took advantage of it.
And I haven't realised until now, just how amazing it was.
Let me fill in:
I was part of a little bubble.
A bubble in the Swiss Alps.
With 4 friends.
All girls.
And possibly not the best clothing attire.

You see, I'd kinda been forced into this.
By forced I mean easily persuaded.
Not pinned down.
And kidnapped.
I'd like to pretend I had.
But no I had chose this myself.
Because I was all like
"Wow this is gonna be epic! Blahblahblah".
And it was.
Even if it has taken me till now to realise this.

Days would go by, where I'd wished I could have popped the bubble and left.
But we were so far from EVERYTHING!
Or so it seemed!
Me and my roommate had even written a countdown sheet after being there for 3 weeks or so.
I felt like it was the worst decision of my life to have gone there.
Although, we did have good days off, fun working days and beautiful scenery.. I just didn't appreciate it.

BUT THEN, on being home, I realise I definitely made the right decision to stay!
I look back at all our photos and laugh.
And smile.
And think how fun it actually was.
I mean for starters, the view was incredible!
Waking up every morning to see the fresh mountains with a sprinkling of snow covering the tops. It was like an ice cream!
The pure air, and the clean town with the ever so polite people (bar the shush police!!).
You don't exactly get that back in the UK! Everything was so perfect.
Our accomodation was possibly the best I've ever stayed in throughout my season years! With space for another 3 beds in our room!
And how can I forget our Jew pillowcases!
With the huge balcony, where after a hard days work we could strip off and catch some rays - even if we only lasted a few hours!
I think it was more secretly keeping our eye out for the shop to reopen!!
So very true.
It was all we did on our days off.
I think one day went like this:
Wake.    Shop.    Dvd.    Sleep.    Shop.    Sleep.    Dvd.    Shop.    Sleep.

The amazing days off we would have. Monster scootering especially! An incredible opportunity! Partly a little scary and not a great feeling for your bingo wings, but such a buzz!
Plus we looked top dog in our helmets!
Another day off at the water park.. That could only be described as something from an 80's summer camp film!
Considering we'd been told this was 'the place to go'.. It didn't really seem happening! On arrival, we were welcomed with a 60+ years aqua aerobics session! Would have been fun, but didn't fancy the perculiar green looking pool!
However, this first impression aside, we had a fantastic time on the slides.. Drowning in the current wave pool and jumping off rocks that felt as high as the sky!
I cannot forget some incredible nights out.. Dressed from geeks, to beach babes.
And not forgetting our spice girls moment! Actually felt like the real deal!!

There are so many amazing memories that I just am so grateful for, and I wish I had realised this at the time!
Along with all the tantrums, tears, arguments and bad days, there was also a lot of love, laughter, fun, drunk times and good times. I will never forget these.
I spent 3 months in the most beautiful resort I have ever seen, with 4 incredible people, who I have grown to love and respect very much.
They made my Summer, and they made those memories that I'll never forget.
And looking back now, would I do it all again?

Probably not!

Girls.. Can you really handle another family asking you..
"But what am I supposed to do with my kids for the hour you're off?"

Song of the Moment: A favourite song, from the Summer, that was constantly on repeat and full of many stories! Although a little depressing.. It was totally the tune to belt out! Except when Belfo sang..!

Love forever
Kfedland x

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