As of next week, I am going to knuckle down and write.
Write about the past FOUR years as a seasonnaire.
The good times.
And the bad.
The secrets.
And the tricks!
And everything else in between.

AND one of these days,
It WILL be finished.

I best stock up on the teabags, and cheese.

Love forever,
Kfedland x
I've taken my cupcake baking to a whole new level.
I've joined forces with my Queen C, where we plan to sell them to cupcake fans!
Currently working on the paperwork, and names and everything else.
Ok so personally not me.
We all know i'm useless at this.
I just bake them.
And eat them.
But i'll leave you with some snaps of the finished results..
(Obviously we ate these, and we WILL be baking them fresh for order!)


Song of the moment: I haven't managed to keep up this for a while, due to my posts via email! BUT today I'm making the special effort of this song..
Considering the weather is beautiful (at the minute anyway!) and my car is still in one piece, I find myself listening to this song LOADS! It's a good summer tune. And Nero never fail to please! Enjoy!

Love forever,
Kfedland x
I received the best compliment EVER this week.
It definitely made my year..
Little N said to me in the car
"You look like this Disney Princess Katy".
It was Pocahontas!
That's all I've ever wanted to hear.
And I finally did!

I just need John Smith now!
Matt will have to do for the time being!

Love forever,
Kfedland x

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Making decisions has become the hardest thing in my life.
I'm truly terrible.
And I think it got to the final straw today at McDonalds.
In the drive thru.
I'll set the scene:
There I was driving r e e a a l l y y slowly to the intercom (due to deciding already)
The cars began to que up behind me.
Chrissy got out her money.
We passed the menu.
I stopped at the menu (pretending to read.. Although I knew it was a choice of two!)
I couldn't stop anymore, I had to move to the intercom.. And in truth, my heart just started racing.
I was panicking.
"Ooh but do I have the cheese burger, or the chicken nuggets".
I know its not really a 'end of the world' type decision.. But HONESTLY I struggled.
I chose the burger.
Merely because I knew that the chicken nuggets would be another discussion in itself..
This would involve.
THREE different sauces.
And each nugget would have the same question asked...
"Ooh but which sauce for you?"

I just couldn't handle it.

Decisions are tricky.
Matts even had to start dressing me.
And telling me what to do.
Because I'm WAY to indecisive.

I really fancy some chicken nuggets right now...
I shouldn't!
Or should I?

Love forever,
Kfedland x

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Today, I was asked if I could play tennis.
When I said NO, I thought this would be the end of the conversation.
It was just the beginning...
I was asked by my new friend Christina
I like to call her Queen C
Like Beyonce
Because she thinks she is her.
That's ok, I can still be Shakira.
Anyway, Christina decided for both of us (she had to.. I'm TERRIBLE with decisions!) that we would start playing at the park!
Funny right?
I hope she realises I can't even bat a ball.
And does she realise how much of a wimp I am?
I'm gonna have to buy elbow pads.
Knee pads.
Face guard.
And of course, a racket.
I agreed, on one thing..
That I'm allowed a ribbon on it.
And stickers.
Because obviously I'm a mature 22 year old.

You see. Yes I will be learning to play.
But you never know, maybe I'll be the next Serena Williams?
She IS a tennis player right?

Best get my tighty whiteys out.
And most certainly a headband.
I can't wait.

Love forever,
Kfedland x

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I cried at a film yesterday. It was Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.
It wasn't even sad.
How ridiculous is that?!
I literally blubbed
And blubbled.
It was when she decided she didn't want a party anymore..
NOT even the ending!

What a wimp I am.
Maybe its because I realised I'd eaten 5 cupcakes yesterday.
And thought about how big my ass will get.
Oh dear.
I WILL be a fat kid soon.

Will you still be my friend?
And come visit me from my bed?
And bring me food?

I hope so!

Love forever,
Kfedland x

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I Like Cheese


I have become way to obsessed with cheese.

I have some in the morning.
And some when I get home.
Its all I think about in my day.
All kinds of cheese.
Just any cheese.
I should stop eating it before bed though..
I'm having too many weird dreams.
And I don't think Matt appreciates me screaming in the middle of the night.
I wouldn't.
I must cut down on cheese.
I must cut down on cheese.
I MUST cut down on cheese.

But who's going to eat those 6 babybels?!
And will I turn into a mouse?

Love forever,
Kfedland x

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Oh What A Night


I've learnt that the people of St Albans must sleep at 1am!
From being a Kettering kid, who goes out at 11pm onwards and then partying away till 3am.
I AM a 1am bed person!
BUT literally last night was crazy!

Juicy Lucie and JessiCAT came to visit myself.

I knew it would be messy.
It was.
That says it all.
I think it took me 4 gulps to finish my 'shot' (more like a goldfish bowl!).
Which is what t i p p e d
                                     u s 
                                               o v e r
                                                               t h e 
                                                                             e d g e!
The disney songs came on.
The voices turned up.
And the hairbrushes were out!

When we finally took our 3hour choice outfits outside.. We couldn't even walk!
Hilariously funny!
Ordered cocktails thinking we were hardcore enough for two.
We couldn't handle one!
I personally had more fun picking the leaves off the plant (Christina's now most treasured present!)
ANYWAY, headed to Veeda club to get in.
No chance.
We even tried to SELL Lucie to them.
No luck.
Gutting right.
I even asked if they were just not letting me in for my skin colour!

So, we headed to another club
(Somewhere inbetween here we went in the closed toilets freaking ourselves out...)
"Ooh its like I know what you did last summer"
Yeah thanks girls!
We headed to another club...
Couldn't get in.
Seriously it was 1am!
Didn't they know HOW much effort we had put into our clothes choice.
Trust me, a l o o o o n g time!

Screwed that idea, and knew it was time for food.
Corn on the cob.
Why oh why?!
Best bit of the night
Lucie: Excuse me, can I just try some free chicken.
Me: She's never had it before!
Jess: She used to be a vegetarian till now!

So this was our night.
But funnily enough I had an awesome time!
And now I'm dying a little.
As per usual.

I think its time for bed!
Before Matt gets back.
I wonder if the fairy cleaner will come again like last time!

Love forever,
Kfedland x

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Top Five


Last night, Matt asked me who my top 5 was.
Of male species that is.
Besides my two favourite:
Ed Westwick (i'd happily swap Matt any day of the week for him!)
and Joseph Gordon Levitt (take me to Ikea please!)
Matt laughed when I then said my next male...

John Smith.

Are you laughing to?
Do you know who I mean?
Him from Pocahontas.
I like him.
Actually, I dream of him.
Apart from the fact he was 24 when Pochy was only 11, I would still marry him.
Even if he is an animation.

Then I couldn't think of anymore.
Suppose I have a top 3 then.

Love forever,
Kfedland x

Cupcakes Again


I thought it had been a little while...
So I did some baking.
With my new butter icing syringe.
It made me very excited.
AND I made lemon cakes.

I didn't make as many. But they look prettier.
And taste better.
Watch this space.
I'll be a cupcake celebrity soon.
Or just a  l i t t l e f a t k i d

Love forever,
Kfedland x
Sometimes I wish I was still at school.
So that I could buy myself a new pencil case.
And be REALLY excited.
And show it off to my friends.
And put my new pens in.

I guess I could go buy one now.
But I don't really have anything to put in it anymore.

Its a sad world.

Love forever,
Kfedland x

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Beyonce Beauty


I've never really been a Beyonce fan.
BUT I love her new song.
And she looks AMAZING. I think I fancy her this week.
I find myself belting the lyrics out extremely loud.
I'm sure the neighbours can hear.
I'm hoping they're thinking:
"Wow is Beyonce downstairs?!"
But I bet they're actually thinking:
"I'm sure we can't have pets in the flat?"

Her song has got me doing my outbursts again.
This morning it started all over.
Standing at the mirror.
Chatting to Matt.
And booooom...
Booty shake (well attempt!)
Matt didn't know what the hell was happening.
I don't think I did either!

I think I should be famous.
Just because I'm so strange.
I'm certainly not as good as Beyonce.
Or anyone crap for that matter.

Guess for now, I'm stuck in reality.. About to cook a curry for 8 people tonight.
Now, where are my servants?!

Love forever,
Kfedland x

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New Addiction


I cannot seem to get enough of Aero Mint hot chocolate.
It is quite possibly the most amazing thing I have discovered this week (apart from baby Tommie!)
I make a mug up. Drink it.
And make another one. And drink it again.
And then realise I only have two left.
That's the only bummer..
Four in a pack.
Back to Wilkinson's I go...

Love forever,
Kfedland x

Little Fingers


Today I was utterly fascinated, with a baby.
Considering I am a nanny.
And have dealt with babies for many (many) years.
WELL, I held my first ever 11 day old baby.
It was the most incredible thing ever. And I was literally amazed.
I               fell               in               love

I mean, when people have literally just popped their baby out, everyone's all like:
"Wow look at him/her"
"He's so gorgeous"
"Aww he looks just LIKE you!"
And I always think...
"Seriously.. it looks like an alien. A very tiny alien"
But then, I meet little baby Tommie.
And he completely changed my views. For today anyway.
I don't know if it's the fact he was so tiny, and so cute (and I probably could have eaten him for my breakfast), or because he was my best friends baby... But at that moment, I was one of those people, and I said...
"He is amazing. So adorable. I love him"
Because he genuinely was amazing. And adorable. And I do have a little crush on him.

But mostly, I am so proud and pleased for my best friend. 
And her boyfriend of course.
She has had a pretty hard 18 months.. with months of sadness. Yet finally, she has the most incredible gift ever to have been given to her. I am extremely happy for her. She deserves this!
And little baby Tommie is going to have FANTASTIC parents.
Plus, I can get lots of cuddles!
Until he poops.. and this time I can hand him!

Love forever,
Kfedland x
You know when you're getting old.
When you end up in the 'household' aisles instead of the clothes section.
Yes this was me today.
(Besides a few pairs of pants and some new shoooooes), I found myself buying things for the kitchen.
And the living room.
And the bathroom.
And I even think the bedroom.

Strange right?
Who knew this would happen!
But what's worse...
Is that the whole time i'm trying to be cool and trendy.. I'm secretly thinking:
"What new flavour can I make my cupcakes?"
"How can I make a new pattern with my finger knitting?"
It's kinda sad right?
It's like I've celebrated my 74th birthday last week.
I didn't.
I just thought incase you were wondering,
And a little bit stupid.
I am 22 years.
Even more shocking.
Considering I bake, knit, and get EXTREMELY excited by the toilet roll on offer! It was SUCH a bargain.

On another note, I am at homehome this weekend.
Yes homeHOME. As in the parents home. Kettering home.
My washing basket was overflowing.. so I thought it time to come back.
I'm kidding.
Actually i'm being serious.
No, really I'm genuinely joking!
I am actually enjoying seeing the family. Catching up on how my adult life is going (they obviously don't read my blog.. FAIL! Little Grandad, if you are reading.. then I am pleased!)

I finally got over my hangover from our house party last weekend.
Oh Em Gee.
I didn't even talk about this.
And I cannot believe I said Oh Em Gee.
Possibly because I cannot really remember much.
I wasn't sick.
Yes I KNOW!!!
But then this made me die for approximately 3.5 days.
Honest truth.
But thanks to everyone who came! It was very fun. And messy. Literally.

That is all.
I am off to stare at my new household purchases. Probably to sit on my new stool's for fun.
For Christmas, I'll be asking for homebase vouchers!
I best do a song of the moment!

Song of the moment: I chose this song, because it was constantly played in our house. I love dancing to this tune, either for a night out, or to wash the dishes to (trust me.. it makes it much more fun!) Happy dancing!

Love forever,
Kfedland x



We just got Matt's fisheye camera snaps developed.
Man, we LOVED the excitement of taking the roll into Jessops, and waiting an hour to discover just
"what the hell did we take on this?!"
Some shots from Tenerife.. that turned out a LOT worse than we thought!
Although I LOVE this one of the cat..

I forgot how exciting it was to take pictures on film.
Then forget about them for weeks.
Till the roll has finished.
Heading to the shop for some 1hour processing.
And the anticipation of opening the packet!

But what happens to the crap exposures?
And do you reckon they make copies of their favourite photos?
I would.
Yes I would.
I bet you would too.

Love forever,
Kfedland x
I'm not being funny...
BUT, what kind of KFC doesn't have any chicken left?
This is a true fact.
I went to a service station with my brother this evening.
We decided KFC was the best choice.
We queued for 20 minutes.
In this duration of time we heard the following:
"Sorry we've ran out of corn on the cob"
"Sorry Sir, no more Pepsi left"
"Sorry no more chicken".
We both thought that this wouldn't happen to us.
Wrong again.
No chicken left!!
I was left with a 'large bag of chips' which possibly equaled the amount of fingers on one hand.

I'm sorry KFC.
But I will be taking my business elsewhere.
You have let me down.

Love forever,
Kfedland x



Today, I made lots of cupcakes. Again.
A doubled batch.
And was MORE than impressed with them.
I'm definitely losing the plot.
Help me?

Love forever,
Kfedland x

How To Bake


Today little people (and big), I am going to write my recipe for my DELICIOUS cupcakes!
Also this is a Jamie Oliver recipe.. with my little adaption (not that you'd notice anyway!)

225g castor sugar ( I actually use granulated!)
225g butter
225g flour
4 eggs
Icing Sugar

Firstly, preheat your oven to 180 degrees - unfortunately I am to retarted to explain this in gas!
Mix together the sugar and the butter, till you get a nice smooth texture. I personally prefer using my hands to mix it with, but if you're one of those snobs.. then you can use a normal old spoon!
Once it is all mixed in, add in the eggs one at a time.. stirring thoroughly between each egg.

Next, sieve in the flour, again stirring in between the sieving. Trust me, it makes it so much easier!
The mixture should now look like cake mixture! And if you don't know what that means.. light, creamy and yummy! You may have a taste too! 
I always do!
Because i'm a cake monster.

Before, I put them into baking trays, I also tend to add in some Vanilla flavouring, and raisins..
I find that I like to pretend, the raisins are little surpirses like:
"Ooh did you manage to find a raisin?"

Next we're ready to separate the mixture into baking trays.
You need to put your cupcake cases into cake tins, or sometimes they will work just on a normal baking tray!
Or if you fancy just making one BIG cake because you're a fatty, then make sure you butter the tin before!
Once the cake mix has gone (and you actually have some of the mix in the cases.. and haven't ate it all!), then pop them in the oven for approximately 12-18 minutes.

I absolutely LOVE these mini cupcake cases.. four colours, and make just a perfect bite size cupcake. AND  look amazing to.
You can purchase these from Morrisons for UNDER A POUND! 
I stocked up.

Whilst these are doing there thing in the oven, prepare a few bowls of icing sugar.
Now this is where, I just estimate with the icing sugar to water ratio.
Add in the icing sugar mix to a bowl, and add a drop of water (maybe a teaspoon depending on the quantity of icing sugar) and mix till it becomes gooey, yet thick. 

And you are satisfied with it!
If you're feeling a little adventurous why not add some colour to it.
I love green colouring, with peppermint flavouring!
And yummy lemon flavouring with yellow colouring!
Go c r a z y

But you can always go and buy pre made icing sugar, if you're feeling REALLY lazy!
Once, the cakes have risen/ are cooked/ have epically failed... then take them out the oven, and leave to cool for a while.
I prefer to decorate in the trays (this was an idea from Le Chef Matt), so that the excess icing can drip down the side, leaving you with a still perfect cake!
Decorate as you wish.. adding some chocolate sprinkles, 100's and 1000's, barbie flowers etc etc.
I love the hearts.
And the buttons.
And marshmallows too!

Once decorated, leave them to set. 
Only for about 5 minutes - I normally do..
Because I want to eat them all!
And serve however you wish!

Then it's time to wash up.
I hate that part.

Love forever,
Kfedland x
Why do I always drink cider when I know it's going to kill me the next day?
And why do I think its acceptable to try on people's coats and hats at a house party?
Especially in a really BIG nice house.
I felt like I was in a hotel..
There was even little shampoo/conditioner bottles on the side..
I thought about putting them in my bag,
Like my Nana does.
But then I remembered I was in a house.

And I've also told myself to behave next time at someone elses house.


Love forever,
Kfedland x
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