When Life Throws You Lemons..


wallow in the juice, then once fully squeezed, pick up an orange and continue on again. That's what I say, but personally I quite like the idea of the picture! Life would be much more interesting this way!

I say this, maybe it's because i'm currently wallowing in the juice right now. You think your getting yourself somewhere, and then BANG your back two steps behind where you started.
For myself, I am in that awful process of finding a job... possibly what I haven't been used to for the past 4 years. I have been lucky enough in between seasons to just 'grab some hours' here and there, but now it's a different story.
I'm back in the real world... and I still am excited by all these new exciting things happening. But slowly, i'm pulling my hair out. Surely there aren't any more jobs I can apply for. I mean, seriously, applying for a surgeon job is completely way off! But in truth, i've applied for pretty much everything else!!
I actually never knew it could be so hard, I'm not exactly experienced in all departments, with only childcare behind me, but I sure do try!
All i can keep on doing, is trying, and sitting myself behind my computer from the hours of 9am right up until 2am the next morning.. catch a few hours sleep, and back to this. Day in, day out.
Lets just keep those fingers crossed!

On a better note, I completely reminded myself, how Summer is round the corner. I genuinelly had forgotten, after having my Summer holiday last week, and then not being able to understand "but why would they still have bikini's in the shops? Summer's over?" that actually we're just getting started.
I cannot wait to put on pretty dresses, with my legs out, the dress flowing around me as I walk through a park.. either with an ice cream, a nice cold frappe, and most probably those HUGE sunglasses I just LOVE to wear!

It's been 4 years since i've had a Summer at home, and I plan to spend my weekends stuffing my face at any form of barbie, sitting in beer gardens, drinking the fun suiCIDER, and enjoying my beautiful friend's company :-)

Roll on the weekend, where i'm getting myself back in alcohol mode, and heading out on the town.. it's been weeks since i've drank (and we all know what happens when I drink!). So expect some crazy stories!

Song of the moment.
Cannot believe this girl is 14 years old! She's absolutely incredible! Click to play. BIRDY. SKINNY LOVE.

Love forever.
Kfedland x


  1. So totally stalking you right back to the start of your blog here (oops, sorry) but had to come out of the silent 'pretend this never happened' mode that comes with reading this far back to say... oh my god, I loved that Birdy song. Also, as much as I loved it, I always found the line 'staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer' really disturbing - I know I can't be the only one that felt a bit ill whenever she said that (or maybe I am? blood gives me the heebie jeebies)

    Anyway, have a nice day xx

  2. ^ I'm doing exactly the same thing as this girl. Sometimes I hit on a good blog and I just have to go right back to the beginning to get the full picture (Stalkerish? Moi? LOL)! Anyway that picture/quote on life giving you lemons absolutely cracks me up, what an excellent way to view the world!



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