April Showers In May


I think those April Showers came a little too late...!
Today it has rained majority of the day, and what better excuse than to declare your staying in bed ALL day! Well that's what I did! Until I decided, I wanted to go play in the rain... and came to the conclusion, that actually, rain can be a pretty beautiful thing!

At the first sight of rain, all us girls first reactions are something along the lines of "oh, but my hair". I am one of these.
But today...
I didnt care.
Maybe because it was hairwash day, but it was so nice to stand there, and let it completely drip onto you!
I took this photo today of the raindrops.. Look how pretty they are. I never actually looked at them up close, but they took me by surprise. They look amazing!

The thing I did love about today, was the fact I could also make as many hot chocolate's as I wanted.. and have an excuse (so really the rain is a pretty good excuse for many things!)

I went all out today, and added squirty cream AND chocolate balls. It was definitely worth those extra pounds!
Most certainly kept me entertained for a few minutes at least :-)
It brought back those memories of hot chocolates in Saas Fee everyday! I was never a milk kinda kid, but after Steph used to make the most EPIC one's.. i am now fully converted! I felt like I was sitting back on the corridor, reading a book.. and drinking this to make up for the real chocolate I didnt have!

Tomorrow is a big day, I have an interview and a few flat viewings.. I am literally pretty nervous. Because if things all go well, then my life would completely change! I am extremely excited though! And cannot wait to go and purchase all the nice appliances for the kitchen.. Hello cupcake biscuit tin! I bet Matt can't wait! I certainly can't :-)

It's time for me to TRY and get an early night for once..
I am CONSTANTLY shattered.
But can never seem to get to sleep.
I will lie there.
And lie there.
And BE sleepy.
But won't sleep.
It kinda sucks.. because i'm getting through One Tree Hill pretty quick at this rate!

Love forever,
Kfedland x

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