I think those April Showers came a little too late...!
Today it has rained majority of the day, and what better excuse than to declare your staying in bed ALL day! Well that's what I did! Until I decided, I wanted to go play in the rain... and came to the conclusion, that actually, rain can be a pretty beautiful thing!

At the first sight of rain, all us girls first reactions are something along the lines of "oh, but my hair". I am one of these.
But today...
I didnt care.
Maybe because it was hairwash day, but it was so nice to stand there, and let it completely drip onto you!
I took this photo today of the raindrops.. Look how pretty they are. I never actually looked at them up close, but they took me by surprise. They look amazing!

The thing I did love about today, was the fact I could also make as many hot chocolate's as I wanted.. and have an excuse (so really the rain is a pretty good excuse for many things!)

I went all out today, and added squirty cream AND chocolate balls. It was definitely worth those extra pounds!
Most certainly kept me entertained for a few minutes at least :-)
It brought back those memories of hot chocolates in Saas Fee everyday! I was never a milk kinda kid, but after Steph used to make the most EPIC one's.. i am now fully converted! I felt like I was sitting back on the corridor, reading a book.. and drinking this to make up for the real chocolate I didnt have!

Tomorrow is a big day, I have an interview and a few flat viewings.. I am literally pretty nervous. Because if things all go well, then my life would completely change! I am extremely excited though! And cannot wait to go and purchase all the nice appliances for the kitchen.. Hello cupcake biscuit tin! I bet Matt can't wait! I certainly can't :-)

It's time for me to TRY and get an early night for once..
I am CONSTANTLY shattered.
But can never seem to get to sleep.
I will lie there.
And lie there.
And BE sleepy.
But won't sleep.
It kinda sucks.. because i'm getting through One Tree Hill pretty quick at this rate!

Love forever,
Kfedland x
I've come to realise that I like pigeons.
Actually, I seem to be obsessed with them at the minute.
Today, whilst in London, I could not stop taking pictures of them. I was fascinated when the male pigeon was spreading his tail and following another pigeon round. He would NOT leave it alone.. If that was me, i'd have most certainly told the pigeon to bugger off! And when my brother got bread out to feed the ducks, I decided it would be more fun to feed the pigeons...!
This is not the first time.

Last week, I hid under the washing line for 20 minutes trying to capture a picture of a pigeon that has taken up hostage in our garden. Everyday, two return. And everyday, they are fatter and fatter. I swear by next week, they'll be bigger than me.
And it doesn't stop there.. My holiday memories of Tenerife, are now mostly based around

'Arthur the pigeon' who constantly joined us on the balcony. I even stooped as low, as leaving bread in tiny tiny pieces scattered all along the balcony.
Have I hit an all time low?
Naming pigeons?
Taking pictures of pigeons?
Feeding them?
Hiding under a washing line for them?
It's true.
I'm weird.

I think I need to get a job!

On another note, I like cheese a lot to.
I ate lots of feta cheese today, it was scrummy! Whenever i'm in the fridge (not literally.. although don't be surpirsed if you ever would find me IN there!), I seem to find myself snacking on cheese..
Marmite cheese.
Cheesestrings. I LOVE cheese strings. OK so there not PROPER cheese, and I don't tend to tear them apar
t, but there still gooood!
To be fair though, I say I like cheese.. but in reality, I just like food.

I LOVE food!
I was actually about to write a list of all the food's I like, but that is totally ridiculous!
So instead, I'm going to leave you with a song.. I hadn't actually listened to it before.. I had just typed 'pigeons'... considering this blog is dedicated to the wonderful creatures.

Song of the moment: Funnily enough, I have played this 3 times since writing this blog.. and i'm really enjoying it.  Her voice is beautiful. I'm definitely listening to the album!

Love forever,
Kfedland x


Episode City


Today i finished season four of gossip girl.

I cried a little.
Then I watched the rest of Hellcats.
It finished.
I cried a little again.
After, I watched Californication. And cried.
It ended.
I cried some more.
Now i'm going to watch One Tree Hill.
I will probably cry when that finishes too.
What a bummer.

Love forever,
Kfedland x
Sometimes.., i think i'm a little strange...

But on another note, today has been a successful day. My ever so lovely wonderful boyfriend, turned into a true gentleman today.. He sent me a dozen Roses. Pink Roses. They were beautiful.. I could eat them up! I will remember this day forever.

I also got myself 3 interviews for next week, so my fingers, toes and hair's on my head are crossed!
I finally managed to open my post dating back to 2009.. It wasn't fun, but shredding them was (although this was cut short. I broke the shredder!)
I even got chatted up today in Sainsburies... Unfortunately the man was a little disabled, and literally looked like he had just come from the Tip. But none the less, I declined his offer of 'going for pizza with him'. And instead, ran off to where the underwear section was located, in the hope he would never come there!
What a fun packed day!

Song of the moment.
After digging out my 'Hot chip top' (for it's crazy patterns, and myspace days), it got me reminiscing about Hot Chip, and how they constantly used to play on my Ipodge. So today, I let my ears repeatedly listen to 'One Life Stand'.. although this version is pretty sweet! I think i'm a fan again. Slightly makes me want to go hit the pow though! HEY LONDON. FEAT HOT CHIP. Enjoy!

Love forever,
Kfedland x



All I want to be today, is a Hellcat.

And get thrown in the air, in my ever so skimpy outfit.
Live in a big cheerleader house.
And have as MANY epic talents like main character, Marti.
She can dance.
And act.
And sing.
Be a Best BFF.
Trace down her half sister.
Release Travis from jail.
Keep Savannah in school.
AND look so goddamn gorgeous.. ALL THE FRIGGING TIME!

Hmm where do I go to sign up for the next auditions?!

Love forever,
Kfedland x

Rice Pudding


Today, the lovely Muller rice pudding (original) has become, somewhat, my new best friend. Sprinkled with some Nutmeg, and it truly is a great friend!
I think it's possibly the first time in about 7 months, that i've been alone.. and in fairness.. IT SUCKS!

Last night I managed to head out for a few drinks, but epically failed at 12.30am! Unfortunately, I don't even have a wild story to explain my early arrival home, which is pretty pathetic.. although the taxi driver told us "you're wise girls". See, I knew it wasn't all that bad! But altogether, we had a fun night with my lovely ladies, over some vodka, and not forgetting chips, cheese and gravy :-) YUM!

Besides feeling sorry for myself today for being a loner, I have sat on my laptop.. and haven't even bothered to look for jobs today. Not my choice mind, Matt and the folks both said on the phone "you just do absolutely nothing today, have a break from it".. and that is what I did!
My day consisted of getting up, tidying the house for a viewing (where a little half naked 2 year old ran around the house.. picking up EVERYTHING from my room.. REALLY?!!), and then downloading a new photoshop editor.. where I have then been glued to for the last 3 hours! Man, i'm full of fun!

I was going to blog the other night, as I finally got round to watching Chalet Girl. My first thoughts were something like this.. "Brilliant. Now everyone is going to think I do absolutely nothing on my season (hmm you seasonnaires be quiet!)".
Parts of it were good, yes mainly due to Ed Westwick, and my God, did Matt and I really want to go ride the pow! But little things were frustrating me.. I mean seriously, when have we sat in the Chalet living room cutting our toenails? Or getting fully naked in the hot tub.. (potentially a few of you I could name). And the most important fact that 'Kim'... after 8 weeks of Snowboarding, she somewhat, managed to enter the Roxy competition and full a flip 950! AND get a private helicopter to ride the Off - Piste. For anyone who has watched this, I have news.. It's not like that..!
But nonethe less, still some entertainment to watch. I for one did enjoy it, because I love the trashy TV as Matt says. Yes I do enjoy watching '16 and pregnant'! Nothing wrong with this at all! And on that note, I'm going to catch up with Hellcats (trust me... it even makes me want to be a cheerleader!)

Song of the moment.
On the last two occasions that I went for an interview, the same thing kept happening to me. And I told myself, that was the last time.. But again this week it happened again.
I love M83's song - We own the sky... and lately I have been listening to the Dubstep mix...CLICK TO PLAY. M83. WE OWN THE SKY (UDACHI MIX)., and being the deaf person I am.. I wack the volume up! Obviously once you've listened you will hear the Bass drop! And on those three times, I always forget. And it just so happens, that the Bass kicks in just as I am pulling up in a parking space! Seriously when will i learn?!
Anyway have a listen!

Love forever,
Kfedland x
I have been busy finding my feet with Flickr, and uploaded some photos.
I remember when I used to carry my little camera around with me all the time, begging my friends for them to let me take their picture! And then it kinda faded out, that is until I was heading to Tenerife, where I dug the old camera out.. and wouldn't stop pestering the other half to "just stand there.. left a bit. OK now you look to happy. POSE" to which I think,after a while, made him fed up with a reply "I'm not a model, nor do I wish to be one." Fair enough. And that was the end of that.
So now, i am on the hunt and will go and find someone else. And as of this moment forward, my camera goes wherever I go!

Check them out...
Click to view Snaps.

Here's a few examples of my favourites :-)

Love forever,
Kfedland x
wallow in the juice, then once fully squeezed, pick up an orange and continue on again. That's what I say, but personally I quite like the idea of the picture! Life would be much more interesting this way!

I say this, maybe it's because i'm currently wallowing in the juice right now. You think your getting yourself somewhere, and then BANG your back two steps behind where you started.
For myself, I am in that awful process of finding a job... possibly what I haven't been used to for the past 4 years. I have been lucky enough in between seasons to just 'grab some hours' here and there, but now it's a different story.
I'm back in the real world... and I still am excited by all these new exciting things happening. But slowly, i'm pulling my hair out. Surely there aren't any more jobs I can apply for. I mean, seriously, applying for a surgeon job is completely way off! But in truth, i've applied for pretty much everything else!!
I actually never knew it could be so hard, I'm not exactly experienced in all departments, with only childcare behind me, but I sure do try!
All i can keep on doing, is trying, and sitting myself behind my computer from the hours of 9am right up until 2am the next morning.. catch a few hours sleep, and back to this. Day in, day out.
Lets just keep those fingers crossed!

On a better note, I completely reminded myself, how Summer is round the corner. I genuinelly had forgotten, after having my Summer holiday last week, and then not being able to understand "but why would they still have bikini's in the shops? Summer's over?" that actually we're just getting started.
I cannot wait to put on pretty dresses, with my legs out, the dress flowing around me as I walk through a park.. either with an ice cream, a nice cold frappe, and most probably those HUGE sunglasses I just LOVE to wear!

It's been 4 years since i've had a Summer at home, and I plan to spend my weekends stuffing my face at any form of barbie, sitting in beer gardens, drinking the fun suiCIDER, and enjoying my beautiful friend's company :-)

Roll on the weekend, where i'm getting myself back in alcohol mode, and heading out on the town.. it's been weeks since i've drank (and we all know what happens when I drink!). So expect some crazy stories!

Song of the moment.
Cannot believe this girl is 14 years old! She's absolutely incredible! Click to play. BIRDY. SKINNY LOVE.

Love forever.
Kfedland x
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