How time certainly goes by when you're having fun! 
Possibly one of the craziest years to date! From finishing up my final season, to becoming a grown up and moving out. I want to thank you all for taking the time out and joining me on my journey of a real adult world, laughing and crying along the way. You're all actually beautiful girls (and men!) and I really do appreciate it!
I hope you enjoy the picture's as much as I enjoyed the year.

January: Celebrated the New Year in Tignes.. Extremely messy! Enjoying the fresh pow whilst it lasted.
February: Making the most of the blue bird, and treating myself to a gorgeous Nikita jacket!
March: Wouldn't have expected to be in a bikini most of the month in the Alps and getting a heart shaped tan mark!
April: Littlebum and I managed to last the season together ending it with a beautiful afternoon up the snowless mountains.
May: Squeezing in a cheeky last minute holiday to Tenerife before settling down to the good life.
June: Epic amounts of saving, constant job emails and viewing flat's.. The craziest month of the year.
July: MOVING OUT! Buying way too many things for our new flat, and settling into a new place and new job.
August: Enjoying the Summer, meeting new people and discovering a love for cupcakes
September: An Indian Summer! Picnics in the park, and late night BBQ's are the best.
October: BUYING A KIGU. Found a new love of my life.
November: Starting another new job. A REAL grown up job. That I now absolutely love.
December: Spending Christmas at home for the first time in 4 years is priceless. Truly amazing.

I hope you all have a fantastic New Year's eve whatever you're doing and wish you all the best for 2012!!
Lots of love, and vodka jelly kisses

Coat: H&M. Wedges: Office.

Tonight I'm drowning my sorrows in a dairy milk tray ALL to myself. And it's amazing.
 Back to work tomorrow, but thankfully only two days. Two days of sticking post it notes around my computer screen, pushing my chair up and down, drinking endless cups of mocha, and eating a whole bag of humbugs. The humbugs are always a bitch though.. I can't stop, but it's not good for the tummy! Funny though.
I know this coat has popped up a few times in photos' but I hadn't actually shown it in all it's glory! Sadly I am not naked underneath (I wish I was!) but I now adore the length. I was always unsure, but when I totter to work every morning I feel a right grown up! And I've had many compliments on it! Plus wearing my wedges as per! These cost quite an armful, so basically I'm making the most of it right?!
The last photo was my presents. When I unpacked the bags from the car, I put them under the tree.. and I'm not exactly sure why! Now I don't know where to put them! If you're wondering about the GIGANTIC pants then do not fear... these aren't serious.. I know my ass is big, but I'm not THAT big! I was worried I wouldn't get any presents as I hadn't asked for anything.. So Papa G made me a bag up of crap/funny/weird things! Now what am I going to do with them?!! Plus lot's of girly bits and bobs, including a gorgeous dress and CUTLERY! Ha. The fun things you get when you have your own place! I also realised I had about 11 boxes of chocolate.. So I guess there are benefits to being home alone most nights! 
I'm really excited for New Year's Eve now. Especially since plan's are coming into place! Although, Jessie J outfit wasn't going to well. Firstly it was getting over the belly on show, then the situation of camel toe, and to top it off, the wig just completely turned me into a fat prostitute! SO instead, I'm opting for black swan! Just hoping my humungous tutu arrives tomorrow! Then it's time to make some vodka jelly, and do lots of gay party decorations! I cannot wait. 
Bathroom floor, I hope you're ready for me sleeping on you.
What are you all doing for New Years Eve? Hope you're not staying in! Or I'll invite you to mine!

Dress: Asos. Wedges: Office.

Well, considering Christmas is over, I bet we all look like Santa with his huge belly! I certainly do! And you know what? I bloody love my food belly currently, because it's made me realise how much I MISSED being away! And I shall never be away from home again (sorry folks!)
It's been one of the best (and messiest) one's ever! I drank way too much than my body can handle, even ate some turkey and cried at presents! My favourite was definitely Dirty Dancing tickets! I didn't ask for anything at all this year, so it was such a lovely surprise everything that I got. Plus on Boxing day I had another 12 to open for littlebum and I! And when I get back home to my apartment tonight, I will have all my presents from littlebum! I wonder how much longer I can milk this for?
This afternoon littlebum and I went for a nice walk around the quarry preparing ourselves for a pub lunch, and an indian dinner! YUM! It was actually really warm, and I wore my Christmas dress again because I absolutely love it! Plus I popped on my beautiful birthday wedges as they finally don't hurt me anymore!
I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and preparing yourselves for New Year's eve! I'm now going to try and roll off this sofa to head out for a curry before driving back home after one of the best holiday's I've ever had!

Dress: Republic.

The time has come. My bags are packed and I'm heading home! I cannot wait, like literally! I'm going to eat lots, sleep lots and spend as much time with my family as possible! I'm definitely feeling like the John Lewis kid at the moment.. itching to give my presents out. Plus I'm a real bad snooper, and guessing everything I've got! Oopsie! And basically, if you're wondering why I'm so so excited then this is where I spent the last 4 Christmas'!

1: Christmas day. Hello concussion! 2: Christmas eve: The people who made Christmas.

As much as I loved spending it with these people, and getting concussion on Christmas day (people, wear your helmet's out riding!) It's just such a nice feeling to be with family. I think I had blocked out how much I missed it. And now my New Years resolutions are to NEVER be away from home at Christmas again. Ever.
I hope you all have an absolutely FANTASTIC Christmas day, get everything you asked for and more, and really appreciate the day that you spend with your loved ones. Because I know I will!
See you on the elasticated waistband side.

Dress: Forever21. Boots: Primark.

This dress is pretty old, but with it looking Christmas(ish) I decided to get it back out! It used to be one of my favourites, as I loved how it shaped in at the waist and was the perfect length. But since buying it over a year and a half ago, my boobies grew, and so with the silky material, they look like they're about to burst the dress! And I'm not exactly big boobied.
So after buying the catsuit (really?!) I went and binged on jaffa cakes, cupcakes and crisps. Probably not really ideal when I need to look like Slim McJim. But I suppose I have 4 days after Christmas to do some form of exercise? Pah ALRIGHT!
I have to pack up my car tonight ready for Friday. I have 54857 presents, a huge suitcase (4 days equals a HUGE amount of underwear! And seriously, am I the only girl who packs a ridiculous amount of knickers whenever I'm going away?) and not only do I have to pack for myself, but also for little Schmidt! He's messier and lazier than ME! He also eat's in bed. Like me. And in the hope of packing up my car, I hope my car tax replacement comes or I'm screwed on that motorway! 
Best not watch any movies tonight, I need to save my tears for the police officers!

PeeEss. Dearest apologies go out to those who search camel penis and come across my blog (8 times to be precise) I'm deeply sorry that I do not cater photographs of camel penis's. However I hope my face resembles it enough.
Blazer: River Island. Dress: Topshop. Shoes: Primark

I opted for a Christmassy photo today. One because it was raining so much and I didn't want to make you all cry with my wild wet hair. And two, because last night I felt EXTREMELY Christmassy. I'm not even joking, at like 1am I became all giddy like I was 4 years old. It felt like Christmas eve, and I genuinly felt like a child who wanted to secretly see Santa coming in to the room to see if I was sleeping. That's how excited I was!
I finally got everything finished! Hooray. And as much as I leave everything to the last minute, I've bloody loved it.. Man I've been missing out for all these years! Sadly these presents aren't for us! Which sucks a lot.
Today, I purchased my New Years Eve outfit. I debated over Where's Wally, an air hostess, or a cheerleader. But then I braved it.. And decided to do Jessie J. Yep. Full on CATSUIT and black wig too! I'm not going to lie but I'm hugely excited to wear the wig. I love fringe's and short hair, but I get bored easily.. So the wig is a great investment! As for the catsuit... I cannot believe I'm, actually going to wear it. Worst time of the year too, after all the chocolates and alcohol! I'll look more like a pregnant Scary Spice! But nonetheless, I'm tissue papering up my snowboarding boot as a plaster cast, and wearing one heel too! Full on Jessie J style! I just hope people guess who I am! I'll also be dating Aladdin for the night!
Now I must go and get myself baking cakes for work! I stupidly offered! I haven't baked in forever.. and to be quite honest, I really cannot be bothered! Where's the genie in the lamp when you need him?


I was going to bail on Spill it Sunday again, but after missing it last week I thought it best I do it! I don't even know if many people read this feature, or more so enjoy it?! But basically, I have made the effort of pausing Miami 7 (yes that's right the S Club 7 episodes!) to write this! I'm having a WICKED time. Eating jaffa cakes  - this time I have 65 to get through! Drinking tea, and having cuddles with dearly beloved Schmidt! Plus I'm searching online for these beaut of a shoes. I'm thinking with my Topshop dress for Mama Mcfred's partayyyy. I don't normally do leopard print. But I like. A lot.

When was the last time you cried?
Last night. I was watching The Snowman (thanks YT!) and it made me cry. It's not even sad.. But I cried, because I really wanted to be friends with the Snowman. He looks like great company. And I like his bald head too.
If you were on a desert island and had the choice of all Simpsons episodes ever made, OR the complete works of shakespeare for your entertainment, which one?
Possibly none.. BUT If I had to.. I'd have to say the Simpsons. I don't like them, but at least I could understand what's going on.
Whats the most expensive thing you've ever bought?
My rent?! Ha. Apart from that, I'd say my snowboard. It cost me a whoooper of £400. I was desperate for it last year, and could only order it in America. I literally rang around the whole of the UK in search for it! (cause I'm like that!) and on tracing one down, it cost me more than the American one! But I love it. And stroke it. A lot.
Tell us something about you that we don't know...
You will probably never see me with my hair up. And If you EVER did, then you won't get a photo out of me. It's literally one of the biggest problems to me. I love staring at how girls have styled their hair, in beautiful buns and WISH I could wear mine like this. But I just won't. Not ever. I can't really explain why I'm like this, but basically I worry that with my hair up, I look like a boy. You may laugh. You may compliment me. You may agree. But whatever your thoughts, I just won't accept it. For many school years I was bullied for being dark skinned, which meant, having visible hair, curly locks, and darker skin. But the worst part, was that I was bullied by boys, not girls. And I think boys are worse. Girls are just bitchy anyway, so you kinda accept it as jealousy or something.. But boys there are no excuse. And with this bullying, bought so many insecurities to me. I'm quite confident now, but I still think to this day that I will get mistaken for a guy. I'm conscious in a bikini. I hate my arm hair, and I constantly get my eyebrows waxed. All because of this. I should learn to let it go, but when a boy says hurtful things.. you carry them with you forever. 
And there we have it, something you possibly didn't know about me! I'll leave you with two cute photo's of little Schmidt! He's such an oddball he really is. And if he's not eating me or pooping on me, he's falling off his wheel. But I still love him.

Faux Fur Coat: Mama Mcfreds. Leggings: Primark

I'm always a tired person.I yawn 90% of my day and curl up into a ball at any opportunity, but these last two weeks I've been more tired than I've ever been! Since I started my new job last month, they all take the piss out of me now because once a day I will always say "you know what, I'm tired today". Apparently I did well today, I lasted till 3.30pm before saying those words! So I rewarded myself with an early hibernation of 6pm!   I really must be some sort of hedgehog... Surely?!
Today I finally got my fat ass in gear and raced around (complete with sweat) sorting out presents for the dearly beloved. I'm not going to lie, but, I hated that I didn't buy anything for myself! Word on the street is that giving is supposed to feel good?
This photo was actually taken at the weekend. Because apart from the new love of my life (and many other things) I have taken quite a shine to this coat. It's Mama Mcfreds. And I find myself constantly stroking it, whether it hanging on a peg, or even Mama wearing it. I'm trying to figure out how I can make it appear in my wardrobe, but her beady eyes are onto me. So for now, I just potter about the house in it. You know, kinda like you did when you were a kid.
Yeah. I still do that.

Dress: Topshop. Hairtie: DIY. Shoes: New Look.

I really shouldn't even be in this dress, let alone posting a picture of it. But my love for it, is that strong I need to show it off, and feel like a little child.. And more so look like one too. I blame the hairtie!
I wanted this dress for longer than I've ever wanted anything before (OK this may be a slight exagerration.. But you get my situation!) And I'm one of those people who leave things till the last minute.. Resulting in the dress going out of sale! I emailed possibly 16 of my season friends up and down the country, searching for this dress! No luck.. except a size 12 which I wanted, but my cousin refused as it would drown me (I was thinking along the lines of MORE food!)
Eventually, two weeks ago.. I found it on Ebay (god loves you Ebay!) and emailed the seller, offering her a stoooopid price. I won. I kissed her (I would have done!) and she posted it to me. Although, I used the fib that I wanted this dress for my Mama's 50th Black and white party.. So she won't let me wear it...
Now I just need to make a new excuse TO wear it right now!

Blazer: Nikka. Tee: Topshop. Shorts: Primark. Boots: Primark

My apologies (once again) go to those affected by the lack of Spill it Sunday post last night! For once, I have been a right busy bee.. I don't think my legs have known this much movement! I ended up getting pretty wasted on Saturday night at a surprise 50th birthday party, which also resulted in a 4.30am bedtime - this REALLY doesn't happen!! So Sunday, after telling myself I felt alright, I went out with the folks for some nice lunch (a greasy sausage sandwich at that!) and adding a new addition to the littlebum/kfed household... a hamster! :-)
His name is Schmidt.. and I can hear you laugh already, do not fear he isn't German! We just chose this name, as it's our favourite characters name in New Girl. Plus it was love at first sight, when he pooped on me two minutes after holding him! Schmidt Shit..! I am in love.. Move over littlebum. Your time has come up!
Tonight I'm driving home again! For my cousins 21st birthday.. and obviously because there was food involved I just couldn't say no! I'm rocking out my new fit shorts that I got for my birthday.. they are totally replacing the tweed Primark ones! Least the other's get a chance to have a wash! 

Tee: Hero&Cape. Blazer: Nikka. Leggings: Primark. Loafers: Primark.

Apologies for the mid hair shake.. I really need to realise that I'm not in a L'Oreal advert nor will I ever be.
However, the hair is not the star of this post today.. it is in fact this beaut of a tee from Hero & Cape! I was a bit of a lucky lady, and actually won this - always a bonus! Thanks Niki! 
I chose this tee, because I am a sucker for Peter Pan collars and bows, and also as Sarah had designed this! I adore her wardrobe, her hair, and her CAT! Basically, I think I want to be her... So I thought if I choose this tee, I'm one step closer right?
I very rarely wear leggings on a daily basis, nor do I wear baggy tee's.. So basically this look was completely out of my comfort zone! But knowing I was only popping home to see the family, I thought no better chance than to sport the tee and leggings. I love the leggings, I still really do and when I received this tee, I kinda gave a little pathetic shriek (or maybe not) and realised this would be a perfect length to cover my Kim K butt! I think I could have gone for a smaller size tee for a nicer fit, but obviously food must have taken over my mind, making me order a baggier size... food baby? WHAT food baby?!
And the best part about this outfit, is that I couldn't find a white bra ANYWHERE in my apartment (I probably ate it once) and so I ended up wearing a vest.. and I must say, I have been MISSING out! Heaven.
I think I turned 63, not 23 this week!


Bonjour! I am back, with basically one foot (or two half feet.. whichever) and fluent in French. I'm joking. However today I kept finding myself attempting French.. In England! Perculiar. I had a lovely lovely few days,  and Paris was of course, beautiful and yes I did fall in love. I've decided that when I am rich, I am going to live IN the Eiffel Tower.. Kinda like the Hunchback y'know?
Although, the weather wasn't that great at times (a great excuse for endless hot chocolates!) we still managed to see a fair few sites like the proper tourists we all know we are. To be honest, I like History and whatnot, but I'm not going to lie.. I got bored. Once you've seen it, you've seen it haven't you?! I'm just like a child... Keep me fed every few hours, and I'm entertained! 
Also, I was the biggest retard (thanks to everyone who finds my blog googling retard.. I use it a LOT!) because I decided that being in the City, I would don my nice NEW wedged shoes.. which turned out to be a bad move, resulting in actually buying my first ever pair of dolly shoes come the last day! Let's just say, I did spend majority of the last day staring at my 'flat feet' thinking "I cannot believe I'm wearing these!" 
So besides the short concetration span, and cripple that I became, we drank lots of wine, ate way to much Onion soup, and just had a bloody romantic time! I also had a lovely birthday, and went for dinner next to the Eiffel Tower (because that was my favourite!) and we even managed the metro a fair few times.. which I must add, more efficient yet could do with a little bit of a scrub! And the amount of homeless people.. with NO shoes. In THIS weather! And there was me, complaining about my heels! To be fair, I did want to give this man my shoes, but judging by his feet size.. they wouldn't have been much use!
So, instead of ramming my blog with 70595859 pictures of littlebum and I (which sometimes is a bit bleurgh!) I somehow tried to make this, if you can call it, a video! I spent about 2 hours finding the right song.. and I'm still not happy with this! But I gave up! If you get sick easily, I advise not to watch!

And however old littlebum and I may act, we realised we're not really city break people with all this walking.. So next holiday.. somewhere hot, with a FAT deckchair, and a waiter.

Coat, Bag, Shoes: Primark

I really should be in bed right now, because however excited I may be, I don't know how my body is going to accept getting up at 4am tomorrow! Because, the time has come, where I'm off to the City of Love thanks to littlebum! It's my birthday on the Wednesday, so we get to have 3 days there. I am literally so excited, I keep weeing my pants. Obviously I don't reaaaally.
Everyone keeps asking me what do we want to see, where do we want to go? And I'm like.. Urm Eiffel Tower will do! That's how clueless I am! It'll just be nice, to get away, again, and spend littlebum's pennies.. I'm joking (or not!) It's also funny, how I'm finally living back in the UK, yet again, another year spent in France for my birthday! This time last year, I probably had a toothbrush in my hand, cleaning some stupid toys.. So YES I shall be prancing around Paris, like I'm some sort of celebrity. 
And at the rate it's going, I'll have to wear sunglasses to cover my baggy eyes, if I don't get to sleep soon!
Guess I should really start packing first? 3 pairs of shoes for 3 day's is allowed right?

PeeEss: Don't expect a wedding invite anytime soon. Littlebum has been FIRMLY noted that if he even DARES do anything, he WILL be shot. Although I don't own a gun. So instead, look at a soppy picture of us from last year in Tignes.

Maxi: River Island. Blouse: Internacionale.

I always loved the maxi's and would forever stare at them wishing I could wear one. But even after trying on literally 30 of them, I felt the need to give up and realise I just had to be a slut and wear shorter skirts. However, whilst out shopping with Mama Mcfred last month I picked this up, and fell in love, and I told myself that it DID look OK. I wanted it for Paris. So I bought it. And I stared at it for many mornings, in my wardrobe. 
Yet, now I'm back to my problem again. Does this even suit me? What can I wear it with?! I popped it on once with the short sleeved knit a while back, and loved the colours, yet didn't like how two baggy pieces made me look like a fat frump flump. So today I tried it with my blouse, but I'm still a little unsure. Which saw me spending majority of last night, trawling the internet for a simple black bandeau top (trust me it wasn't easy at this time of year!) and so I shall be waiting for this to arrive, in the hope that it can cure my maxiskirtdilemasituation! I'm hoping that the simple tight fitting bandeau top will give me some shape, and still make the maxi look a little dressed up, and help me freeze to death in these temperatures!
Oh well, here's hoping! Hurry up Mr Postman.

Knit: Vintage. Shorts: TKMaxx. Boots: Vintage. Blouse: Topshop. Elasticband Bracelet: Handmade.

I'd like to declare that this is my audition for a new L'Oreal advert, but unfortunately it's just myself thinking I am cool...
I'm not even sure I like this get up, I know for a fact I don't really have much love for the shorts. But that's not there fault, it's my backside's fault.. So we tend to let that one slide. I just have to apologise for anyone walking behind me! I also decided that because there was a little bit of sun, and it wasn't as windy as normal, that it was totally acceptable to wear the short sleeved knit. BAD MOVE. I was cold.. But at least I got to sit indoors most of the day! 
I cannot believe it's 1st December tomorrow, which also means that it's my birthday next week. It's so mental,  and I'm off to Paris (have I mentioned that before?!) which will be ever so lovely, and will involve in me being nice to littlebum for a few days! I am excited of course, but I don't feel like it's my birthday. Nor do I feel Christmassy.. Please don't call me a scrooge, I love Christmas. But for four years now, I haven't celebrated it due to being abroad and working, so as much as I cannot wait to actually spend it with my family and do absolutely nothing (except eat of course! - NOT Christmas dinner!!) it just feels ever so weird. I feel like I should be away, getting on a bus to take me some place full of mountains and snow.
Do I miss it? Of course, it was always the chance to meet new people, ride the pow (snowboard for the uncool ones!) and go to work so hungover you spent your day puking whilst 'supervising' those needing your supervision (nice wording!). BUT thankfully, I do not feel the need to pack my belongings and jet off! My time came to an end.. And I joined the real world, of walking to work every morning in heels and falling over once every two days. 
This is how my life is going to be now isn't it?

PeeEss.. Please note, littlebum wasn't harmed in the making of this, nor is he ever. I am also not a cold hard horrible bitch lady, I am infact nice, but it means I actually have to be REALLY nice for once. He'll LOVE it.
Coat: Primark. Hat: H&M.

For once, I actually look (and felt) pretty warm in this photo! The coat is definitely a warm one, if a little difficult to wear. So what better way, than to take it away to the countryside. Basically. I am one of the most unpractical people ever! I tottered around the muddy tracks in heeled boots, with my berets and bowler hats, whilst everyone else had joggers and converse on. Not me. I just looked like a tit. At least it amused the farmers...
Nonetheless, this weekend was different. After an epic four hour drive, and half hour of this spent on a county lane thinner than my ass, in the pitch black (pretty scary!) we arrived in our cute little cabin! It was so lovely to chill out, get drunk, wake up when we wanted and potter around the oh so quaint villages! I actually filmed quite a bit of the weekend, so if I can work my non existant technical fingers, maybe I shall blog this (don't hold out hope!) But for now, here's a few snapshots..

Also, as you can tell littlebum didn't kill me! HOORAY! It was actually a really nice weekend away with him, and then tonight after we did the food shopping for the 5000 (we have my family and his up this weekend!) we decided we'd put up the Christmas tree! Our excuse is, that it's our first Christmas in our apartment, plus we won't get the chance to do this together unless it's 1am in the week! And after the way I lost my interest 5 minutes after the tree going up, it's a good job we did it now! And now, littlebum wants to snuggle down and watch Love Actually.. He's definitely the woman in the relationship! But who am I too complain!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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